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Welcome to my world

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’ll post stuff about living as a musician and still trying not to be stressed out and unwell all the time. It will also be about what art can do, how it can change us and help us make things right. Like, make things right as a species. That’s big. That matters.

Let me quote myself to explain. These are (part of) the lyrics for my song Stories (which I’ve started recording and will upload as soon as possible):

I don’t know where to turn for answers
I don’t know where I am
I coat my life in lies that comfort me
Don’t scorn me ’cause I turn to stories
We all do that

We don’t know where to turn for comfort
We don’t know where we are
We need a sense that there is hope for us
Some stories make things worse, some help us
To make things right