Tour and time off – a picture summary #1

This week has been … varied, to say the least.

I arrived in the UK on Monday this week and played in Brighton that same night. Then went busking in Brighton on Tuesday. Thanks to the lovely people who kept me company and lodged me etc.!

And here is a picture of the pier, of course:

On Wednesday I headed off to Cardiff to stay with my sister and her family. But before settling down there for a while, I got the train back to Bristol on Thursday for my gig at …

I opened for Rumble Pack and Lapis Lazuli, which was really cool!

But before the gig, I busked for an hour – and made 11 pounds. Bristol is friendly. It made me happy.
(Even though I look very serious in this photo, taken in the bathroom mirror at Start the Bus.)

After the gig, I got the last train back to Cardiff, at 1.40 in the morning. It was very unpleasant, but completely worth it.

On the day after the gig – Friday – my brother-in-law had the day off and me, him, and my niece went to Barry Island (near-Cardiff seaside). We made sandcastles and me and my niece waded out a bit in the water. An unusual but very nice way to unwind the day after a gig.

And so we have reached Saturday, which is today. Since it’s my brother-in-law’s birthday, we made a day trip to Glastonbury and had a picnic in the abbey.

It has indeed been a varied week. I like that.

I’m now heading into Cardiff to go to Lapis Lazuli’s gig here tonight.

That’s all for now, folks.